Nickelodeon – Puppy Palooza! DVD Review

Nickelodeon – Puppy Palooza! DVD (Available August 25, 2015) This new DVD collection has six-episodes of puppy-palooza that includes Nick’s most popular preschool shows. This will make another great addition to your Nickelodeon’s DVD Collection! Episodes: Paw Patrol: Pups Save a Super Pup/ Pups Save Ryder’s Robot” Bubble...
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Nickelodeon – Celebrate Fall DVD Review

Ready for another great video to add to your Nickelodeon’s DVD Collection You will enjoy: Nickelodeon – Celebrate Fall DVD (Available August 18, 2015) Episodes: PAW Patrol: “Pups Save a Talent Show/Pups Save the Corn Roast” Blaze and the Monster Machines: “Truckball Team-Up” Wallykazam!“The Explorers Club” Bubble Guppies:...
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Nickelodeon – Paw Patrol: Meet Everest! DVD Review

Nickelodeon – Paw Patrol: Meet Everest! DVD (Available September 1st, 2015) Ready for another great video to add to your Nickelodeon’s DVD Collection You will enjoy: PAW Patrol 7 cool rescues featuring the team’s new snow pup hero. Meet Everest in her first-ever rescue when she saves a...
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Boson – Jump Rope Review

Boson – Jump Rope Jump Ropes sure have changed since I was little as I remember using a heavy rope or plastic handles as we would all have fun with a small group or just one on one on the playground. Boson jump ropes offer Inner core is...
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Nickelodeon – TMNT The Search for Splinter DVD

2015-06-17 18.30.09
The series continues when after going back to New York to try and defeat shredder their master Splinter goes missing. The turtles are lost without their master and being their search. Along the way the beginning to learn more about how they came to be so unique. This...
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Nickelodeon – Turtles NYC Showdown DVD

2015-06-17 18.30.35
Well the turtles are at it again. Fighting crime in New York and trying to take down Shredder once and for all. They come back to New York after regrouping from a big defeat. They are set on finally defeating shredder and freeing New York from his crimes. ...
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Nickelodeon – TMNT Pulverizer Power DVD

2015-06-17 18.29.26
In these episodes the turtles are actually seen in action by one of their biggest fans. He keeps showing up to help them fight crimes so Donnie takes him under his wings and helps to show him some moves. The teen boy names himself the Pulverizer and in...
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NICKELODEON – Let’s Learn Kindness DVD

NICKELODEON – Let’s Learn Kindness Available on DVD July 21st, 2015 Enjoy this Lets Learn teaches some of life’s biggest lessons including good manners and forgiveness. Kids will learn with these 6 pleasing Nick Jr. play dates. Help Team Umizoomi teach the Troublemakers to play nice. Episodes Include:...
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Nickelodeon – Dora and Friends: Doggie Day! DVD

Nickelodeon – Dora and Friends: Doggie Day! DVD (Available on DVD August 4th, 2014) Multi-Language DVD Enjoy Dora and her friends must complete a “ruff” mission to help their puppy friend Cusco reunite with his brothers before Doggie Adoption Day. Learn some Spanish while watching this 3 bonus...
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Nickelodeon – The Ninja Turtles: Return To NYC! DVD

Nickelodeon – The Ninja Turtles: Return To NYC! DVD (Available July 14th, 2015) Enjoy watching the Turtles search for their lost master Splinter and defend NYC from the criminal world that is terrorizing the city and its people. Episodes: Vision Quest Return to New York Serpent Hunt The...
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