Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Reality Shock Book (Product Review)

I was given for free Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Reality Shock Book to provide a product review on.

This book by Ripley Publishing delivers strange bizarre stories that you may think they’re great or gross depending on what type of reader you are. This fun-filled book has 256 pages of extraordinary stories from all over the world. Continue reading…

Martian Notifier Smart Watch (Product Review)

I was given for free a Martian Notifier Smart Watch to provide a product review on.


Now a days a lot of us have smart phones (like me) and it’s amazing with all the apps that  you can use on these phones. Martian Notifier Smart Watch allows me to pair up my smart phone to a watch that I can wear that will allow me to get notifications that come through my phone. I really like this as I have a habit of leaving my phone on silence after I get home from work and don’t know how many calls or text messages I miss because of that. But not now, an alert will vibrate my watch and I can see a preview of that call or message scroll through the phone. This is so great as it also gives me piece of mind while I am at work and that message comes through I can take a quick glance to make sure its not an emergency call that I should take right away. Continue reading…

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher (Product Review & Giveaway)

I was given for free a Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher to provide a product review on.



In my house we buy a lot of bottle water and I tell you it gets pretty expensive each week. So of course I was really excited about this Clean Water Pitcher.

I was surprised how simple it was to set up. There is 4 easy steps to get you up and going. Continue reading…

Gollywood Here I Come by Terry John Barto (Product Review)

I received a book for free to provide a product review on.

IMG_4087 IMG_4089

Gollywood Here I Come was written by Terry John Barto and Illustrated by Mattia Cerato. This 29 page book is a great book for younger kids to read. It’s a sucess story of a young turkeys journey from a small town to the Glamour of Gobbleville.

It makes you see that you can do anything if you work hard and never give up. Continue reading…

Kitchenware Plus – 2 Piece Bamboo Cutting Boards (Product Review)

I was given for free from 2 piece Bamboo Cutting Boards from Kitchenware Plus to do a product review on.


Cutting boards is the best tool to have in my kitchen as I am always chopping, dicing or cutting up good things to eat. Continue reading…

Sano Naturals – #SanoSerum – Vitamin C Serums Daily Skin Revitalizer & Eye Treatment – (Product Review)

I want to thank Sano Naturals for providing me free Vitamin C Serums Daily Skin Revitalizer & Eye Treatment to provide a product review on.


I find the older I get the more time I take in using products to help revitalize my skin. Sano Natural Vitamin C Serum skin serum and eye care make a great pair that I can use on a daily basis. Continue reading…

Gyro – Magentics Nanodots (Product Review)

I found The Gyro Magnetic Nanodots so much fun to play around with, there nothing like the old magnetic toys I had when I was growing up. I loved how you can watch the inside of the transparent balls twirl around and how you can actually feel the magnetic pull when you connect them with other magnetic Nanodot balls. It actually makes you feel like your doing some kind of magic trick as they pull together automatically when you have them hovering over each other.

IMG_4013 Continue reading…

Master Communications – Worlds Together Cuba (Product Review)

I want to thank Master Communications for providing me a free DVD of  Worlds Together Cuba to provide a product review on.

IMG_4008 IMG_4009

This DVD provides a ground level look at Cuba, The Pearl of the Antilles. The documentary introduces the island by delving into its topography, history, health care, religious practices, cuisine and education The polynesia-like eastern city of Baracoa and the nation’s capital, Havana are explored. The film concludes with an extensive look at the island’s unique musical performers and simplistic trends. Continue reading…