Mrs. Renfro’s – Gourmet Salsa (Product Review & Giveaway)

I want to thank Mrs. Renfro’s for sending me 2 free jars of Gourmet Salsa to provide a product review on.

header_right_greenI had a hard time picking what flavors I wanted to try as they all looked so yummy. I ended up getting Black Bean and Chipotle Corn. I took this to work with me and it was a great hit, everyone loved the taste, as they could use it plain on a chip or as a topping on top of their tacos. The flavors and taste kept wanting you to eat more and more. Continue reading…

CLn Skin Care – Body Wash (Product Review)

I want to thank CLn Skin Care for sending me for free some body wash to do a product review on.


This body wash is uniquely designed for skin prone to eczema, acne, infection and folliculitis. This can be used daily or intermittently from head to toe as this non-drying formulation can be used on compromised or sensitive skin without causing irritation or dryness. It also reduces the appearance of redness, dryness and scaly skin associated with eczema (atopic dermatitis) and is safe for use on children 6 months of age and older. Continue reading…

Fresh-Tips – Disposable Toothbrush (Product Review & Giveaway)

I received samples of Fresh-Tips for free to provide a product review on.


This mouth freshener is such a great idea, as I don’t know how many times I’m away from home and wish I could just brush my teeth because I have this gross nasty taste in my mouth. They come in a disposable packages that you can get in either peppermint or bubblegum flavor. I like how compact they are and fit perfectly in my purse and my desk at work. Continue reading…

Can Toy – Rubber Dog Chew Toy (Product Review)

I want to thank Wag More Bark Less by True Dogs, LLC for providing me a free Can Toy to provide a product review on.

IMG_4193 Continue reading…

EatSmart Precision Elite Food Thermometer (Product Review)

IMG_4230 I want to thank EatSmart for providing me for free a Precision Elite Food Thermometer with Backlit Display and InstaRead Technology to provide a product review on. Continue reading…

Trixi’s Treasures – Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixtures (Product Review & Giveaway)

I want to thank Trixi’s Treasures for providing me a free variety of Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixtures for a product review.


If you like to snack like me then you will love this 100% all natural powder mixture that you bake onto your favorite types of cereals, crackers, cookies, chips, pretzels, dried fruits, nuts, etc.  It creates a unique flavor coating on each piece making it to be a very tasteful snack that you will enjoy at all times. Continue reading…

Therafit Shoes – Kate Women’s Sneaker Black/Silver (Product Review & Giveaway)

I want to thank Therafit for providing me a free pair of shoes to provide a product review on.


I was super excited about trying out this review as I’m always looking for comfort in shoes for when I work out. These sneakers have a shock absorbing insoles with and provide a great arch support that gives me the comfort I need in a shoe. I loved how they felt after a day of wearing them and then going to the gym and really putting them through the test on the treadmill. I loved how secured my feet felt and how relaxed they where with all the workout I done in them. I would keep keep getting these shoes and will be anxious to try the other shoes they have available.  Continue reading…

Dropps Dissolvable Laundry Pacs (Product Review & Giveaway)


I have to do laundry… is something that is said in my house all the time and with my family measuring out the proper amount of laundry soap to use is . non existing, so of course I as super excited about tying out Dropps dissolvable laundry caps. This was really easy to use, as you drop one cap in each load and your done, and of course for bigger loads you use two caps (It’s that easy)!

IMG_4184 Continue reading…

Surf Sharks – The First Ride Book by Chance & Shelley Wolf (Product Review & Giveaway)


I received a free copy of Surf Sharks – The First Ride Book to provide a product review on.

IMG_4172 IMG_4173

The creators (Chance & Shelley Wolf) was inspired by their sons infatuation with sharks to start writing a series of books that would entertain kids.  Their first book Surf Sharks – The First Ride is about a story of a group of young surfers and sharks who forge a friendship and ride the waves together as they help each other solve daily challenges faced by all growing kids. This books also comes with 32 Surf Shark stickers with fun shark facts on the back and set of pop-up collectors cards, which makes it more exciting and educational for kids. Continue reading…

Proper Pillow (Product Review & Giveaway)

proper-pillow-logo-copy_optimizedI want to thank Proper Pillow for sending me a free Pillow to provide a product review on.

IMG_4201 IMG_4202

I usually sleep with multiple pillows as I find that I’m always bending or stacking them just to get that right position of comfort to fall asleep and of course this usually leads to occasionally neck aches if I sleep the wrong way. Continue reading…