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ASTI – Sound+Sleep MINI Therapy System (Product Review)


A good night sleep is part of a productive healthy lifestyle. ASTI offers a mini Sound+Sleep Therapy System that provides 12 distinct Sound Stories that is proven to be a safe and effective solution for your sleeping disorder.


Enjoy all the useful features:

  • The Sleep Timer that can set to 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
  • The External Audio Mode allows you to listen to any device audio source that has a standard headphone or line-out connector, like a MP3 player, PC Audio, etc.)
  • You can plug in a standard 3.5 mm headphone to listen through as it will mute the speaker on the system.
  • When you choose the Adaptive Mode, it will adapt to the noise in your room and will raise the volume and/or enhance secondary sounds to the SoundStory when needed.
  • When you choose Manual Mode, it maintains a relatively constant volume level that is determined by the volume control buttons.
  • Connect your smartphone to improve clarity of phone conversations.
  • 12 unique categories of natural sounds with 48 non-looping sounds
  • Travel friendly and even has battery backup incase of power failure.

DSCF0494        DSCF0496        DSCF0498

You can power the Mini Unit a variety of ways:

  1. 4  AA batteries
  2. Power adapter
  3. Use supplied power cable only (connect to laptop, etc.)

Sound Profile Categories: 

  • Ocean
  • Rainfall
  • Brook
  • Lea
  • Baby
  • Ride
  • Crowd
  • Home
  • White Noise (White/Pink/Brown noises and Electric Fan)
I like how stylish this mini compact system is, I can take it when I travel or just move it to any room where needed to help provide a sense of renewal with relaxation and/or deeper sleep.
~Sweet Dreams~
I want to thank ASTI  for sending me a free Sound+Sleep MINI to provide a product review on. For more information view the links below.


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