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Biokips – Icecube Tray (Product Review) #Komax

Have you ever got frustrated with your basic ice cube tray before? Well I have, now I don’t have to worry about the spilling from the sink to the freezer any more. With the Biokips Ice Cube trays  airtight snap on lid this makes it an easy transition from the sink to its destination point. Yes the cubes are smaller than your average cube however makes it easier to put in smaller mouth bottles without having to break them up. This tray makes a total of 21 cubes, that is more then your normal tray. The ice cubes are easy to get out if you want them all at once, however can be slightly difficult if  you are only trying to get one or two.

I am very excited for this product, I hate not only the spilling of the water but also when putting it in the freezer there is always space issues. I do not like things on top of my ice or touching the ice, so this is my new solution and favorite ice cube tray. I have not been able to enjoy a nice cold cup of ice water for some time because I do not want things to touch my ice and hate having to always go buy a bag of ice and not have any place to store it. So today I am enjoying myself a nice tall cold glass of peppermint water.

Here are some of the benefits of the tray:

  • Leakproof: Silicone lid seals water into Tray before freezing and prevents spills from any angle
  • Storage: Sealed lid allows for stacking and angled placement in freezer
  • Comfortable: Contoured handle allows for a firm grip while filling or carrying
  • Odor-free: Tray keeps ice cubes from absorbing freezer smells
  • Cleaning: The body and lit are easy to cleaning, and the Tray is also top-rack dishwasher safe





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