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Boiron Homeopathic Medicine (Product Review and Giveaway)

Lets face it Flu Season has hit hard here in the Midwest. Influenza A has hit my hometown with a vengeance. My whole family seemed to take turns getting it, as one person seem to get better another one was just beginning. As most mothers we all are aware of what we need to do: Hot soup, bed rest, and medicine. Well, the first two are easy but what about the medicine.

How does one pick the best medicine for their child. Most medicine have side effects that require addiction medicine to cure that, luckily there are natural medicine making their way onto the shelves. The one I seem to really be enjoying is Boiron’s brand of homeopathic medicines.  Boiron believes there’s a better way to feel good. A better way that works naturally with your body. Boiron has two great things going for it, their natural ingredients and the variety of medicines they offer over the counter.



Boiron is a homeopathic medicine, and to me I was unsure exactly what that meant so I did a simple Google search. “Homeopathic medicine is based on the idea that “like cures like.” That is, if a substance causes a symptom in a healthy person, giving the person a very small amount of the same substance may cure the illness” according to WebMD. In our house we are always trying to find a more organic way of living, a great perk of product reviews is trying different things I might not normally buy. Boiron philosophies intrigued me but not until I actually did some research did I realize the benefits.

The Chestal Honey Chest Congestion Dry & Productive Cough  is made with Natural Honey that helps coat your throat. I remember reading in a home remedy post the other day that honey helps coat the throat and acts as a natural inflammatory.  The other thing I notice of the Chestal Honey was that it has no artifical syrups or dyes, so no more “cherry flavoring” to chock down. ChestalChild-4.2_L_300w-157x300

The Oscillococcinum helps with Body Aches, Headaches, Fevers, Chills, and Fatigue.  This medicine comes in tubes each full of little spheres. The medicine has a sweet flavor and quickly dissolves. The only problem I found was taking the cap off, being the clumsy person I am I spilled a little out while trying to remove the cap. The thing I like best about the Oscillococcium is that I can take it anytime because it doesn’t make you drowsy. That means no more Dayquil and Nightquil filling up my medicine cabinet. IMG_0246[1]IMG_0247[1]



The Calendula Cream works like a Neosporan but also moisturize and sooth the hands. The best thing about these Boiron Products is that they all work naturally with the body, doesn’t affect your current medications, and are Paraben-Free. Paraben are preservatives put into makeup and medicines to extend their shelf live. The Boiron removed those and still manages to keep for 3 years.


The one I seem to enjoy the most was the ArnicareGel which is like a Biofree or Icy Hot. Working long days on my feet I can experience stiffness and tightening. I usually slap some biofreeze on and pray it would relieve that tention. Arnicare works fast, and doesn’t leave a smell behind. ArnicareGel is made from Arnica montana, hinting how it got its name. According to Ask.Com “The roots contain derivatives of Thymol which are used as fungicide and preservatives and may have some anti-inflammatory effect. Arnica cream or oil has long been used externally to treat bruising, soft tissue damage and the shock of impact, whether from falling or being struck.” I had my son-in-law try it out as he suffers from neck stiffness and he wanted to take the whole bottle home, instantly he felt more mobility and movement in his neck. The best thing he liked about it was their were scent lingering and it goes on clean, meaning no more messy collars.

IMG_0225[1]                  IMG_0218[1]IMG_0217[1]


Homeopathic medicine is not for everyone, some people see the benefits of this form of treatment. I think that we need to exploring more into this method. Natural remedies have been around for years, our ancestors didn’t have these large drug companies pushing out pills and somehow they survived. Boiron won’t be taking over my medicine completely but they will be replacing some of its competitors. I’m excited to announce that Boiron  has agreed to do a giveaway so make sure you enter and see if this is for you, for more information on Boiron or how to get their products click the links below.





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