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Cynergy Home – Life Light Multi-tool Emergency Flashlight (Product Review)


Flashlights are a great tool to keep around as they come in handy for all types of emergency situations. For me it never fails that when I need to use a flashlight the batteries are dead, and causes a lot more stress.


Life Light Flashlight is a multi-function safety tool that provides multiple features for any situation.

  1. Seat belt cutter blade for cutting seat belt straps in emergency
  2.  3 high brightness LEDs with more than 10,000h life
  3. High Powered magnets for mounting emergency flasher on auto
  4. Safety hammer for breaking glass in emergency
  5. Safety hammer cover
  6. Cell phone/accessory charger
  7. Light switch
  8. Red flashing alert switch for emergencies
  9. Power generated by crank dynamo, no adapter is needed
  10. Red flashing alert light
  11. Compass

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This waterproof rechargeable hand crank flashlight gives you that piece of mind knowing that you have multiple accessories right at you finger tips. No need to rely on batteries as with the hand crank you can even charge your cell phone by using the built in USB port and the built in lithium battery. This is so great to have as I can use it for home, car or outdoor uses.

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