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ECOS – Earth Friendly Products (Review)

I was given for free the following 3 ECOS products to provide a product review.


ECOS – Earth Friendly Products offer a variety of products that will benefit you in your daily needs. If your like me laundry is a never ending job and especially when you have a baby in the house. Ecos 2X Ultra Free & Clear Laundry Detergent is made with natural ingredients and Esco Baby detergent  is made with plant-based ingredients and both are formaldehyde and Petrochemical Free. You will enjoy how their detergent make your clothes smell clean and fresh.


Another great product that I really like is Baby Ecos Fruit & Veggie Wash. My grandson is just now learning to eat many different fruits and vegetables. This is really easy to use, all you do is spray on the wash and let it sit for 30 seconds and then rinse off. By doing this it helps remove any dirt, wax and oil residues that may be on them before you serve them to your loved ones.  For me that is a great piece of mind!


Products they sell:

  • Bathroom – Our bathroom products are free from chlorine, petroleum& caustics, for a clean that will delight all your senses.
  • Household – Now you can polish furniture, shine windows & keep floors spotless with hardworking, 100% natural cleaners.
  • Kitchen – Kitchens should smell delicious and clean. We do both, for a fresh, wholesome kitchen free of harsh chemicals.
  • For Pets – Earth Friendly Products 100% Natural Pet Formulas are designed to help with your pet’s unique clean-up needs.

Company Contacts:


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