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Gyro – Magentics Nanodots (Product Review)

I found The Gyro Magnetic Nanodots so much fun to play around with, there nothing like the old magnetic toys I had when I was growing up. I loved how you can watch the inside of the transparent balls twirl around and how you can actually feel the magnetic pull when you connect them with other magnetic Nanodot balls. It actually makes you feel like your doing some kind of magic trick as they pull together automatically when you have them hovering over each other.


I took these to work with me and found that my co-workers loved playing around with them as they kept trying to figure out different ways they can connect the Nanodots together as well with other magnetic objects they had laying around their desk.
The only bad thing we all had to say about them was not having more Nanodots to connect too.

I  thought the YouTube video on how the Gyro Nanodots were made was very knowledgeable as it made me understand all the skill that goes into them.


As you can see this is fun for any age!

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