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“Happy Kids Songs” Albums and Workbook (Product Review)


Kids today are experiencing all different types of stress levels, that you as a parent would love to protect them from, but know realistically it’s not possible.

Dr Mac & Friends “Happy Kids Songs” Albums and Workbook series offer hundreds of lessons and activities for parents and teachers to share with kids.

“Happy Kids Songs” help your kids learn through music about character, social and emotional skills that they may be dealing with.

These songs  help them to develop:

  • Ability to persist in the face of adversity
  • Take turns being in charge
  • Deal with teasing and bullying
  • learn positive thinking
  • The characteristics of friendship
  • How to show appreciation
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Overcome shyness and fears

Songs Focus:

  • Helping kids with manners
  • How to be more respectful
  • Purpose of life
  • Reason for suffering
  • What it is to be a good person
  • Such things are ever discussed directly in the household

These songs and music activities for kids have been shown to be an effective means of enhancing learning and retention. Whether you are a parent looking for a way to keep your child entertained or a teacher looking for new ways to boost character, social and emotional skills in your students, you can count on these songs for kids to bring out the best.


Title: Happy Kids Songs by Dr. Mac & Friends
Format: Music Downloads
Category: Children, Ages 4-8
SRP: 99¢ per song, 5-song album $4.95
Purchase: iTunes.com and amazon.com


Title: Happy Kids Songs Workbook by Dr. Mac & Friends
Category: Children, Ages 4-8
ISBN: 9781497451865
SRP: $13.95, (SB, 124 Pages, B&W)

Intro to Happy Kids Songs:

Company Contacts:

Website | Facebook | Purchase on Amazon


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