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Hydrolift – Easy Handle Kitchen Sink Strainer and basket


Hydrolift offers stainless steel kitchen sink strainers with a fitted handle top that lifts like a basket. This works perfect as my garbage disposal cover was missing when I purchased my home and every time I had to use my garbage disposal I had to stand back as water and debris would come bubbling up. This package comes with a sink basket, strainer and cleaning brush. It fits nicely in my sink giving it a finish look that it was missing. The basket is nice to have as it can catch things that shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal and with the easy to get to handle makes it easy to pull up and remove to dispose of. The cleaning brush also is another nice added feature as it helps keep it clean from food build up and grime.


DSCF2192  DSCF2194

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About the product:

  • FITTED WITH HANDLE at the top that lifts like a basket, making DISPOSING OF GARBAGE A BREEZE.
  • Made of STAINLESS STEEL for prolong usage, blends effortlessly with most kitchen sinks
  • Works better than wire mesh sink strainer, Hydrolift’s smooth surface allows waste to slide off easily.
  • 127 PERFECTLY-SIZED HOLES to promote constant flow of water yet hold back all garbage. Prevents chokes!
  • IDEAL CHOICE as garbage disposal cover for it lifts off as easy as it covers back.



This is listed on


for only $18.90



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