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Why I Joined this HEALTH & WELLNESS program and ALL the PERKS I now get….



I had my Gastric Bypass RNY done about 3 years ago and I’ve been hitting a plateau on my weight loss for about the last year. I had a friend tell me about a company that they joined and it was all about Wellness and she thought it might help me.  Since I do product reviews for companies I thought I could take a look on what they had to offer and post my review on what I thought about how their products can get me back on track by losing weight and getting healthier.

Here are some facts that I was really impressed on:

  •  It’s a Million-dollar enterprise doing business in 19 countries around the globe. It has become one of the largest catalog and online wellness retailers in North America
  • They have over 500+ Wellness products that they researched, refined, and scrutinized before they ever went to market
  • It’s the largest manufacturer of consumer packaged goods in the Northwest
  • They have a line of wellness products that include:
    • nutrition
    • personal care
    • home cleaning
    • cosmetics
  • No Risk and I can cancel at anytime
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee –  if the product doesn’t meet your highest expectations, return the product within 90 days for a full credit or exchange
  • Members receive savings of 30% – 50% discount off the full retail prices


After reading some more about the research they’ve done I was shocked as I found I really didn’t pay attention on what chemicals or lack of nutrients  I was exposing my body too with even with some of the common products I use on a daily basis.

So now I decided I was going to sign up for a membership and try these Wellness Products Out. After I signed up I was also amazed on the company giving me $100 to use trough out the next 4 months towards purchasing their products and all I had to do is watch their educational videos about their products. (WOW)!! I ended up watching all the videos and I can do it when I had time available.




To Learn about the Shopping Club Perks (click on Presentation)
(including making $$$ without selling)



I’ve also shared this with other people I know – especially people that had the Gastric Bypass RNY or Sleeve as this is a great way to help get the protein and vitamins you need on a daily basis.

The items in the pictures above are just a few items I’ve tried and really like them a lot.


If your ready to join then click here:



(Please email me if you have any questions at: mapareviews@gmail.com)



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