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L’Bri Pure n’ Natural (Product Review and Giveaway)

How do you pamper yourself? Do you take a hot bath, take a nice stroll, or get your nails done. If you are as cheap as I am, you are looking for the spa treatment on a tight budget. I am known for my at home spa day (the best thing is you can wear sweatpants). I usually start with a bubble bath, then I do a face treatment or work on my Mani-pedis. I started using the L’Bri Pure n Natural for my facial treatments. I really find that their basic skin care set offered a great variety to pick from, easy to follow instructions, and it fit my skin combination.


The L’Bri send me everything I needed to get started. I find I really enjoy the following products and have used them almost everyday:

The first thing I use is the L’Bri Pure n’ Natural Deep Pore Cleanser. It is a deep cleansing water-soluble gel enriched with aloe vera, vitamin A,C, and E plus natural botanical extracts. Removes all traces of makeup, pore- clogging oils, and environmental pollutants from the skin. Works effectively to calm and soothe blemished skin. Easily removes eye makeup without irritation.


(In my video I just used the mini samples to show you but look at the size comparison!!! This is going to last a LONG TIME!)

I usually exfoliate after my Pore Cleansing. There are three different methods for exfoliating, each one should be used on opposite days of the others to prevent any damaging or overworked skin. I used the Exfoliating Face &Body Scrub, Rejuvenating facial peel, and the facial masque.

  • The exfoliating face&body scrub is remarkable. The skin-refining formula gently lifts tired, dull surface cells and embedded impurities from the skin without damaging or scratching delicate tissue. Use as an exfoliate on your face or on rough, troubled spots such as knees and elbows. Give your skin a fresh, smooth look all over!


(I love this on my feet, it really gets them smooth and helps take off any dead skin)

  • The Rejuvenating facial peel is a unique exfoliator is made with natural fruit enzymes of green papaya, calming pineapple, and stabilizing aloe vera gel. The rejuvenating facial peel uses papaya which has the power to dissolve pore-blocking debris and cleans and refines skin, decreasing pore size.It works to dissolve dead skin cells without acid. It helps to dramatically improve skin tone, clarity and texture for a healthy, vibrant, complexion, It is excellent for all skin types including those with Rosacea, sensitive acne-prone skin.


  •  The facial masque works on all skin types. The non-surgical face lift tones, tightens, and clears away dead skin cell, restoring skin’s natural smoothness. Simultaneously diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and enlarges pores, as it speeds the healing of blemished skin.


(I didn’t get a large product of the Masque but the sample size was great just leave on vfor 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. I really liked how easy it went on.)

When I have finished exfoliating I then would use the Pure n’ Natural Gentle Freshener. The Gentle Freshener works on normal or dry skin. The alcohol-free freshener bathes the skin in soothing aloe vera, arnica, ginseng, and chamomile. It refines pores and improves circulation without stripping away needed moisture. It is safe to use on eyes!  (You want to use this any time you exfoliate or you the masque peel.)


When we finish with the basic three steps you can turn to the smooth n/ firm eye repair gel which restores elasticity and diminishes the appearance of lines, reduces puffiness, tired eyes, or soreness due to allergies.  The clinical proven formula contains a superior anti-aging tetrapeptide which works to dramatically reduce puffy eyes while enhancing skin elasticity and smoothness. In addition, they have added their own proprietary blend of active botanical that work to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, improve micro-circulation and strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastic while reducing the presence of free radicals. Safe for even the most sensitive eyes.


( I use this for my made dark cirlces. I have noticed some lightening but hopefully with more time you can really start to tell.)

The final step I take to finish my Pure n’ Natural facial is to moisturize. I used the Gentle Moisture lotion for normal to dry skin. The nourishing,hydrating lotion with aloe vera, vitamins, deep ocean sea plants, and natural botanical extracts to replenish and protect the skin against moisture loss as it minimizes the appearance of fine lines.


(I’ve told you in previous post I am always on the hunt for a great moisturizer. I haven’t tried it by itself but with the rest of the Pure n’ Natural line it works great on my dry ares like my nose.)

I might also use the aloe vera barbadensis jelly that Pure n’ Natural sent me to help treat any acne blemishes or inflamed skin I might have. The Barbadensis jelly uses aloe vera jelly to penetrate quickly to calm and soothe irritated or inflamed skin. Helps speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, sprains, burns, scar tissue, and bug bites. Works well as a moisturizer for acne-prone and blemished skin. Helps relieves sunburn and diaper rash.


(My fiance loves this, It really helps with his heat rashes and he is now using it to help speed up the recovery of his sprain shoulder. Dang Iowa snow is to heavy I guess 🙂

The L’bri skin care produce  range from $16.95-$30.95. I found the best way to get the most for your money is to buy a essential care set. I received the Basic Skin care set 2 which retails for $126.40 but you can get yours for $106.95 before S/H. This package includes the Deep Pore Cleanser, The Gentle Freshener, The Gentle Moisturizer, The Smooth n’ Firm eye repair gel, and the rejuvenating facial peel. I think if your really want to try the L’Bri Pure n’ Natural on a budget I would have selected the Basic Skin Care 1. This one eliminated the rejuvenating facial peel and replaced it with the exfoliating face and body scrub. The basic skin care set 1 retails for $104.95 but you can get it today for $88.95 before S/H.


This is the full size bottles they range from 1 oz to 6 oz. A great size for the price)

Check out my Video Tutorial on the L’Bri Skin Care Products on our youtube channel:

The best part of Pure n’ Natural is that it fits with any skin type. You just figure out what type of skin type you have: normal, dry, oily, blemished, or if your like you combination. Once you figure that out you just follow the product recommendation to create the best skin care set to fit your needs.

The Pure n’ Natural line is different from most competitors because they use aloe vera gel as their first ingredient instead of water. They choose aloe vera because of its unique healing and rejuvenating properties and its ability to work synergistically with botanical, anti-aging peptides, vitamins, and minerals that produce visible results.

I want to thank Pure n’ Natural for sending me their Skin Care line to try out. They are so nice they want you guys to try a few samples for yourself. Enter the Pure n’ Nature giveaway and 5 lucky winners will win. If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway go check out L’Bri and get your own sample set all you have to do is answer a few question on your skin and pay $6.95 S/H. For more information on L’Bri or their products follow the links below.


(These are the sample size, they are good a few days of reviewing. The bottles are .25 oz each)




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