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Life and food – Omega 3 Supreme‏ (Product Review)


I have been taking a fish oil supplement for many years now because the fish oil has great benefits for heart support and health. When I received these supplements I compared them to my current ones. These particular ones actually have more percentage in them and are half the size. I was quite surprised. I am also pleased that they do not have that awful fish taste or smell that some fish oil supplements can have. The big hit for me is more benefit but smaller size.

You get a 180 soft gels in each bottle and right now they are 24.95. They are 1400mg and 75% omega 3, which is the really good stuff to help your heart. Overall these supplements help your heart and cholesterol levels, prevent high blood pressure, maintain bones and brain function, balances hormones and aids in repair of muscles and tissue. So why not try it out for yourself. I can definitely say fish oil supplements have helped me.

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