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Lil Woodzeez – Honeysuckle Sweets & Treats Food Truck & Turtle and Raccoon Family

Lil Woodzeez

Honeysuckle Sweets & Treats Food
Truck & Turtle & Raccoon Family

I was really excited about receiving Lil Woodzeez Educational toys as it brought out the inner child in me. I never had toys like this growing up and these toys would keep any child busy for hours.

The Honeysuckle Sweets & Treats Food Truck comes with 88 accessories and has a grill and oven with a working door and cupboards to put away your plates and utensils. The trap door in the floor is extra storage as well. The side panel opens up where you can have a seating area and then you also have a window where orders can be placed.

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You have lots of accessories to customize your food truck, the way you like it, I had a lot of fun setting it up and putting the family around the truck. I was very impressed with how creative I could be and would recommend this for purchase.

Lil Woodzeez figurines are sold separately but the ones I received is the Diggadillys Raccoon Family and Tidyshines Turtle Family. Each family comes with 4 cute little figurines and their heads and hands move so you can set them in different poses. Each family has a story book that shares what special job they have to do to take care of each other and their environment.

The Tidyshine – Turtle Family


Features: A family of 4 characters: father Suds, mother Sally and children Buster and Bubbles. “Clean-as-a-Whistle Tidying Team” storybook featuring the Tidyshines

Storybook Summary: “Clean-as-a-Whistle Tidying Team” Dishes don’t stay dirty long in Honeysuckle Hollow. Suds and Sally, and their children, Buster and Bubbles, zip from one kitchen to the next on roller skates. They’ve earned a spotless reputation for scrubbing pots and pans until every last one is clean.

The Diggadilly – Raccoon Family



Features: A family of 4 characters: father Rocco, mother Rose and children Debbie and Stripe. “The Recycling Crew’s Big Idea” storybook featuring the Diggadillys

Storybook Summary: “The Recycling Crew’s Big Idea”— Debbie and Stripe Diggadilly, and their parents, Rose and Rocco, hate to see anything go to waste. Their business, the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Crew, specializes in making treasures out of trash and art gems out of junk. All it takes is a little imagination and elbow grease. When Debbie and Stripe find an old fence at the dump, they also find a clever solution to a problem for their classmates.

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