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Minzos 4-1 Turbo Pen (Product Review)

It’s a bird..no it’s a plane…geez guys it’s just a pen! With Minzos 4-1 pen who needs a bat signal or Superman, this girl is taking care of herself (thank you!)

Minzos was nice enough to send me their 4-1 Turbo Pen to do a review on and man is this thing handy. The Turbo pen has four built-in features all in one: the pen, the stylus, the laser pointer, and the flash light. The Turbo pen is a multi-functional tool that I believe will find its way into offices and schools across the country.


The Turbo pen is a simple ball-point black inked pen. Minzos was wise for making the ink black, most businesses and professors require the use of only black or blue pens.



 ( Look how well the Turbo pen writes! )

The Stylus works very nicely on my IPhone 5c, it opens apps easily and without any hiccups. The only thing I didn’t like was the Stylus was on the Ball-point pen cap meaning if you loss the cap you most certainly will lose the stylus.


(I use the Turbo stylus on my touch screen phone and computer and it works great!!!)

 The laser pointer is great for those animal lovers, while procrastinating at work (or product reviews) why not play with your cat. That was the only purpose I could find for my laser pointer at the moment. I would find this a good feature for teachers or public speakers, who use presentations for their speeches. Just point and speak, and let the laser pointer do the rest.


I didn’t think the flashlight would be as handy as it was. I keep the Minzos Turbo 4-1 Pen in my purse and when I’m digging at the bottom I use the flashlight to help uncover that loose change that collects. (Am I the only one who has that problem?)


The Minzos Turbo 4-1 pen is just that Turbo. It is a great present for those hard to shop for buyers, along with those gadget savvy husbands in your life. I just want to thank Minzos for allowing me to try their 4-1 Turbopen and sharing my opinions. For more information on Minzos or where to buy your own 4-1 Turbo pen follow the links below:



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