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Nickelodeon Paw Patrol: The Great Pirate Rescue DVD

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol: The Great Pirate Rescue DVD

Available on DVD September 5, 2017
Suggest Retail Price $14.99


Ask my grandson Jonah as he would tell you …. It doesn’t get any better then watching Paw Patrols Great Pirate Rescue episodes.

Enjoy 132 minutes of adventurous 6 episodes of variety of epic rescues as they explore secret hideout and sunken treasure. This New DVD would will be a great addition to your home entertainment collection.


  • Pups and the Pirate Treasure – The PAW Patrol must rescue Cap’n Turbot after he accidentally stumbles into a secret cave that was once a pirate‘s hideout. While there, they find an incomplete treasure map and embark on an adventure to find the missing pieces. 
  • Pups and the Ghost Pirate It’s Halloween and Cap’n Turbot is having a party on an old pirate ship! When the ship mysteriously starts to head out to sea captained by a “ghost,” the PAW Patrol must work together to save the ship and discover who the ghost is.
  • Pups Save the Bay – When there’s an oil spill in Adventure Bay, Ryder and the pups must rescue a baby whale and clean up the spill before any other animals swim through it. 
  • Pups Save a Goodway – When Adventure Bay’s famous statue of Grandpa Grover Goodway ends up at the bottom of the Bay, Ryder and the pups have to help Cap’n Turbot raise it to the surface and get it to Town Square before Mayor Goodway’s family reunion.
  • Pups Save a Pool Day – On a hot day, the pups head to the water park where they discover that the pool is empty! It’s all paws on deck as they work to fix the broken water tower and get their pool day back on track. 
  • Circus Pup-Formers – When the circus animals don’t make it in time for the show to start, Ryder and the pups step in and perform for Adventure Bay. 

Visit Nick Jr. website for fun games and activities that your kid’s will enjoy.

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I want to thank Nickelodeon for giving me a free copy of
Nickelodeon Paw Patrol: The Great Pirate Rescue DVD to provide my own personal review on

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