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Physiclo – Women’s Resistance Active wear

Everyone knows active wear is a great to wear when working out but have you ever heard of active wear with built-in resistance bands? I know I haven’t. Physiclo offers compression tights with built-in resistance bands to help you take your workouts to the next level.

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I received Compression Capris for Women with Resistance and 2 workout shirts. I noticed right off that the tag on the Capri’s gave instructions on how to wear them, which I thought why would I need instructions on how to put on pants.

  1. Insert Both Legs into Pants
  2. Gently Pull up to your knees
  3. Hold on to waistband and Shimmy pants up.

My first reaction after I read them instructions was….How do you shimmy… why do I need to shimmy…. they look like normal active-wear I should have no problem with just putting them on and go.

Well… after putting them on their instructions made total since, if you following them as directed you will actually Shimmy them up. I was Amazed! As now I know what they meant by Shimmy.

They where a little hard to get on (should of picked a bigger size) as I know I would not win a fashion show as the resistance areas seem to stick out some, but they did fit snug and felt very durable and when i went outside if was kind of chilly and it did help block some of the coldness out.

After working out on the treadmill I could actual feel how the resistance bands made a difference in my workout. I  loved how I felt afterwards as it made me feel like I worked out a lot longer and could really feel it in my legs.

Few days later I tried them walking around the block when walking the dog. Usually I don’t feel anything when I do that and this time I could feel it the difference making it more of a workout then just out walking my little fur baby.

I wanted to share this as I thought it was interesting on how Physiclo Works:

I am really impressed with these Women’s Compression Resistance Capris and would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a workout challenge.

Pysiclo workout clothes features special resistance technology that engages the:

  • quadriceps
  • hamstrings
  • hip abductors
  • gluteus muscle groups
  • for both men & women

Mens_Full_grande Mens_Short_grande Womens_Capri_grande Womens_Full_grande

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