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Pretty Queen – Digital Heating Hair Brush Straightener

I fight with my hair during the summer as the humidity makes my hair do funny wavy styles so I tried out Pretty Queen – Digital Heating Hair Brush Straightener. I first plugged it in and thought i was broke because I didn’t hear anything, as I was thinking it was like a hair dryer and it blows heated hair while you brush it straight. I was kind embarrassed when I realize that it was not like that as it was like a curling iron and you can set it to the temperature to fit your hair needs.  This is like having 3 devices into 1 as the functions include ceramic Iron Straightener, De-tangling Brush and Anion Hair Massager.  With the heated temperatures makes this feel great on your scalp as it massages your hair follicles while  straightening your hair.

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Temperature Setting Guide:

  • For Thicker and Curls Hair,Choose 410-446Fahrenheit degree
  • For Common Hair,Choose 374-410Fahrenheit degree
  • For Thin and Soft Hair,Choose 338-392Fahrenheit degree
  • Recommend to Choose Highest Temperature at First,then Reduce the Temp Lever According to Your Hair Quality
  • Centigrade to Fahrenheit convert: press “+””-“at same time
  • Notice:Long Press 3 Seconds to Turn On/Off

(Before – Middle – After)


  • Please Keep Hair Dry and Neatly Groomed Before Using
  • Insert the Plug Into Proper The Socket
  • Turn It On and Adjust The Temperature,Use When The Temperature Reach What You Want
  • During Use,One Hand Pulls Hair End and Comb With Straighter
  • If You Want Straight Hair Last Longer,Please Use Hair Styling Lotion and Softener Lotion and Wash Clean Before Hair Straightening
  • It Should Not Clip Too Much Hair,If You Want To Clip More,Please Slow Down The Speed In The Process Of Drawing
  • This Product Will Be Turned Off By an Hour Automatically,Turn It On If Want To Use Again

You can now purchase this on Amazon for only $18.99



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