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ProBar Protein Bars (Product Review)

Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to do something important…like eat! That is where protein bars come in handy, just throw one in your bag and you don’t have to worry about it. The problem with protein bars is that they aren’t always the best. I found most protein bars to have three common characteristics: They taste bad, they are pretty unhealthy, and they don’t seem to keep you full for long. That is what I thought I was getting when ProBar sent me a box of samples to try, luckily for me I was wrong (Don’t tell my husband!).


The normal protein bar taste just like that, a protein bar. I find more protein bars to be dry and bland, the company hopes that by adding some chocolate drizzle it would trick your mind into thinking you were eating a dessert instead. The ProBars surprised me with the variety they sent me. I had receive four different kinds: Chocolate Mint, Chocolate SuperGreen, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and the one I reviewed Brownie Crisp. The best thing about these bars was they actually tasted like more of a candy bar than a protein bar. It was moist, and had a nice chew to it.



Most protein bars are full of sugar, and though they advertise to be “healthy” but really they are glorified granola bars. The ProBar has a lot going for it. The company has given us a Gluten and dairy free bar with organic ingredients that gives it a no GMO label. it is also vegan friendly making this a easily marketable protein bar as there isn’t to much competition that could match ProBars product.

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The only downside I found was the high Sodium (380 mg) and Potassium (190 mg) each bar contains. I think that the pros out weight the cons but it could deter some from purchasing the ProBar over other competitors.

The size of the ProBar is what appealed to me. Though each one is 290 calories, the ProBar is to be a meal replacement and with flax seed, chia seed, omega 3 & 6 it does make a good substitute to that cup o ramens or easy mac you threw in your purse. The size at 2.46 oz is about the size of my hand, a good size that still doesn’t take up a lot of room.


Overall, I say that ProBar is easily one of the better bars on the market with the variety of flavors and organic ingredients. If you would like to try your own ProBar make sure you use the discount code PROBAR25MAPA they gave our readers and save some money. ( The discount may not show in the pricing field until credit card information is entered. Please note the card will not be charged until the screen rolls over to the payment page which shows the applied discount and then the buyers will be able to confirm the purchase.)




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