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Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird! Book

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird! Book




All new eye popping stories that unlock the weird mind blowing collection of fun and freaky stories collected all over the world.



  1. Believe it
    Sheep Dung Spitting (YUCK) hard to believe this – don’t need to say anything more about this story!20161021_202702_hdr
  2. World
    Angkor Temple – Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, which means “temple city” is spread throughout  acres making it one of the largest religious monuments bonded together almost invisibly with a vegetable compound instead of mortar Built between  and  AD as a Hindu temple site dedicated to the god Vishnu, and was later converted into a Buddhist temple site in the 14th Century.20161021_203015_hdr
  3. Animals
    Alien Eyes: Matilda, a two-year old tabby cat from Canada, has huge, glossy alien-like eyes as a result of a condition called spontaneous lens luxation, a genetic disorder in which the lens of the eye completely dislocates from its unusual  position.20161021_203718
  4. Body
    16 pound Tumor – in early 2015, doctors working with Mercy Ships, a non profit organization providing free healthcare service in the developing world, removed a 16.45lb facial tumor.
  5. Pop Culture
    Taylor-Made – In September 2015 music fans could get lost in the face of Taylor Swift Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland, unveiled a 12 acre corn maze in a shape of Swift’s face the the words “Dare To Be Different” etched above it.20161021_203935
  6. Transport
    Stained Glass Sleeper Car – Artist Dominic Wilcox revealed his vision for the future of transport. A stained glass covered driverless car with a bed. The hand-cut stained glass shell was constructed using the same technique used to make Tiffany lamps and opens to reveal only a bed inside where the passenger can sleep while the car takes them to their destination.20161021_204101
  7. Feats
    Russia’s Newest Sport! Medieval Mayhem – Part wrestling, part mixed martial arts, and part Game of Thrones- Russia’s latest sport, mixed martial artist wearing chain mail and armor duel using gleaming, blunts swords and colorful shields in a full-combat tournament.20161021_204345
  8. Art
    Hazmat Surfing – When Belling ham, Washington, photographer Michael Dyrland traveled to Los Angeles in August 2015 he planned on trying his hand at surfing at Venice Beach, but friends warned him of the runoff contamination. Because it rains so infrequently in L.A., all the sewage, garbage, oil and fecal matter runs right down the streets into the sand and the ocean.20161021_204605
  9. Food
    Cookie Canvas – We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t play with our food!” But Tisha Cherry Saravitaya of Brooklyn, New York, breaks this rule by using a unique canvas for her work. OREO’S using the creme filling, Saravitaya paints pop culture-inspired masterpieces- from Warhols to emojis- on the cookies!20161021_204723
  10. Beyond Belief
    Doll Hospital – Nestled in Lisbon’s Praca da Figueira is the world’s oldest doll hospital, the Hospital de Bonecas, founded in 1830> Here, seamstresses and craftsmen turn into nurses and surgeons, repairing childhood treasures from teddy bears to priceless porcelain dolls. Shelves are lined with spare arms, legs, torsos, heads and blinking eyes- ready for any incoming patient.20161021_204859

I will have to say Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Books are very interesting to read, as they offer a variety of unique stories that keep us wanting more.

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