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Shielo Leave in Protectant (Product Review)

Trends come and go, and right now the biggest trend is breaking out the iron and giving your hair some volume. I’m not saying lets go back to the 80s and use a whole bottle of hairspray look, but more curls or even pin straight. I am not alone when I say I usually style my hair a few times a week for work or a night out with my husband. I do find that when you do your hair as much as I do that you need to take a few extra precautions.

I am always on the hunt for a new heat protectant, if you are unfamiliar with what a heat protection does basically it means it adds more moisture to your hair to prevent it from drying out when you add heat. I have always used the herbal essence brand but recently have made the switch to a new brand called Shielo. Shielo offers a cleaner product, at a reasonable price, and is easy to use.


(Shielo 4 fl oz bottle is a great size, this bottle is pratically still full after a few weeks of using it! A great investment for those ladies who really want to pamper themselves.)

Shielo is made from organic extracts with antioxidants from white tea to enhance color protection and UV protectant. The Shea butter adds a protective moisture barrier to seal the hair shaft, and the antioxidant rich design to fortify hair protecting hair from the elements. The best part of Shielo Leave in Protectant is that it is paraben free, meaning no additives to extend the shelf life and makes this product 100% organic.IMG_0039 (This is the hair straitener I used this morning and my Shieo leave in Protectant, this is basically all I use when doing my hair in the morning. I might use some hairspray for that added hold)


(Good Morning Bedhead!!! This is basically how I look in the mornings before I do my hair. I usually put some Shielo leave in protectant in along with my Aussie leave-in condition after my showers at night. I like to give them time to penetrate my roots, and in the morning I just add a few more sprays and my hair is ready to be curled or straightened for the day!)

A bottle of Shielo leave in protectant will run you about $20.00. I know this might seem high, my herbal essence one runs me maybe $7-8 at most. Remember Shielo is organic, paraben free, and is cruelty free the price seems fair. The bottle is 4 fl oz, a great size because you only need a few sprays to treat your whole head of hair. I have used Shielo for about three weeks, and my bottle is still full.


Using Shielo leave in Protectant is super simple. All you do is apply to damp clean hair, and style as usual. I usually shower at night, so I do a few sprays at night and let it really penetrate my roots and ends then in the morning right before I use my flat iron I apply a few more strays mainly to my ends and brush through. Shielo gives my hair a nice gloss without the grease. I loved how easy Shielo was to use I had to show you guys, so check out my review on Shielo leave in Protectant below or check us out on our Youtube at MaPa Reviews


Thanks you Shielo for allowing me to try your leave in Protectant. Check out more information about Shielo or their other products below:



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