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Surf Sharks Book – Guest Review

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Surf Sharks – The First Ride 38 Page Hardback Book

Full Color Sticker Book with 32 Righteous Stickers

6 Pop-up Collectors Cards

This book is a pretty awesome book for children and adults alike! The illustrations are beautiful. Brightly colored and detailed making it even fun for the toddlers to look at. I love how though out the book the authors are mixing a super fun fantasy with learning. Aside from learning about different types of sharks children also learn important lessons about team work and the dangers of breaking the rules.

The story starts off with three young sharks, Mavrik who is a blu mako, Talon who is a tiger shark and Hemi the hammerhead who happen to be best friends who love surfing. When these three friends decide to go against the rules and go towards the beach to watch a surfing contest and find themselves in some trouble and needing to get rescued. Three humans, Rip, Ozzy and Wade who are about to participate in the surfing contest come to the rescue! I’m not going to spoil the rest.. but judging by the cover you can see that it involves surfing on sharks!!

SS Cover 1 Web

  • Print Length: 36 pages
  • Publisher: Surf Sharks, Inc (November 18, 2013)
  • Language: English








“Surf Sharks – The Bogus Beach”

Children’s book for ages 4 – 8 and for anyone who thinks sharks are just plain COOL!

The SECOND in a series of exciting new books featuring the adventures of three young sharks, Mavrik, Talon and Hemi, and their surfer friends Rip, Ozzy and Wade. What will the Surf Sharks and friends do when their favorite beach is taken

over by TROUBLEMAKER BROK and his bull shark BLAZE. Will they get their beach back with the help of Tess, a surfer girl and her bonnethead shark Bella, or will they

be stuck surfing at the Bogus Beach?

Written by Shelley Wolf & illustrated by award winning artist, Chance Wolf.

Disclaimer: Please note that Mapareviews is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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