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The Real Co. – 100 % Single Origin Foods (Salt – Sugar – Rice) Product Review


I was very impressed with Real Co. products as every food item is organic and has the Non-GMO project verified seal as is harvested from one single place, farm or family.


Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is just amazing, I love the taste and texture and after using this I know I will not go back to ordinary salt again.

With the products they offer will help make any recipe more healthier and tasty that you will want to share with you family and fiends.

The Real Co Organic Raw Cane Sugar:


  • From Assukar Farms, Tayutic Valley in Costa
  • Rica is 100% natural and organic
  • 100% Single Origin; raw and alive with natural vitamins and minerals
  • instantly dissolves in hot or cold liquids and is non-GMO

The Real Co Himalayan Pink Rock Salt:


  • Handcrafted, at the Himalayan Mountains
  • This salt is 100% pure
  • 100% Single Origin; non-GMO; has 84 active minerals in every grain; is unrefined
    Mountain washed in Himalayan mountain water

The Real Co White Basmati Rice:


  • From Gujrat Punjab from Farid Co-op Farm
  • 100% natural
  • 100% Single Origin; low-GI and pre biotic; non-GMO and is gluten free

Pictures of Tayutic Valley of Costa Rica


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Pictures of TRC Himlayan Salt Mines






Company Contacts:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

I want to thank Real Co. for giving me the following three products for free to provide a product review on.


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