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Yumms! Set of 2 Nonstick Baking or BBQ Grill Mat #yummsgourmetgrilling (Product Review)

The weather is getting nice out and it’s time to break out the BBQ’s, but for us we bought a new BBQ and we want to keep it clean as possible but sometimes that’s hard to do. With this new Non-Stick Grill Mat, it allows us to cook vegetables, fish and meat easily without worrying about it falling through the cracks, as it will cook in it’s own juices and helps eliminates flame flareups.



These customized mats can be cut to fit your baking or grill cooking area. It can handle heat up to 500 degrees F, but not in direct contact with flame need to keep 7 inches from mat and open flame.

The best part this mat is hand washable and dishwasher safe. If your looking for a perfect gift for that special someone for Father’s Day!

I want to thank Yumms! for proving me for free 2 Grill Mats to provide a product review on.

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